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Marriage Records

On this page we are going to post records such as: Marriage, Civil War, Census, County Courthouse and possibly other records that best fit into this category.

One of the best resources to use in your search for family history is Marriage Records which usually unlocks unknown information. This information is very helpful in your path to finding even more family history.

I can't promise that there will be many but I'll go through what I have and get them posted soon. If you have copies of any of these records and wish to submit a copy for posting, we would be happy to oblige.

Finding and paying for all these records can be a daunting task and very expensive. Most of the certificates that I have so far are on my immediate family members.

Maybe in time all the county court houses will be setup online where all these records can be located and purchased easily.

Marriage Records

Civil War Records
John Lee #69 (Lee Family) - 22 Texas Infantry Download

William Marion Crow Family
Book 1963 By William Reginald Crow Download
Revision June 1982 By William Reginald Crow Download

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