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"D" Lastname Headstone Gallery (women shown under their maiden names)

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Please Note: Due to copyright infringement laws and the policy of, I'm not permitted to copy, edit, use or post pictures I did not personally take. The small and large headstone images that I have personally taken and posted here, you're free to use, copy or distribute however you see fit.
Rosa Anna Davis - Fade - Keeton #115 (Davis Family) Davis - Fade - Keeton, Rosa Anna

Buried: Lone Wolf Cemetery
Lone Wolf, Kiowa County, Oklahoma, USA

Find A Grave Memorial #24479404

Florence Waunita - Dishman - Adair - McGinnis #1845 (Adair Family) Dishman-Adair-McGinnis, Florence Waunita

Buried: Santa Maria Cemetery District
Santa Maria, Santa Barbara County, California, USA

Find A Grave Memorial #118186272

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